Progetto Alberi Montessori

The tree in the art history

The Art Project 2015-2016 is about the making of chronological strips containing the images of paintings realized by famous artists who chose the “TREE” as a subject of their works.

The two schools will produce two strips containing as many paintings as the number of the students involved in the project.

Each student will be given a painting. This painting will be shown as it is in its original version as well as in the way the child has interpreted it.

Progetto Alberi Montessori

A short description with basic information will follow (name of the artist, tecnique…).

Each child will work on an A3 sheet of paper.

In the end, all the sheets will make a strip.

It means that each A3 sheet of paper will contain: the image of the original painting, the child’s interpretation of the painting and the short description of the painting (name, artist…).

Each child of our school will be assigned a co-worker chosen from yours and they will work on the same painting.

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Progetto Alberi Montessori